Buying a Home in Raleigh NC

With the popularity of sites like Zillow and at an all time high, it is easier than ever to find information about homes for sale online. BUT, it certainly is not easier than ever to find the right home and then make a successful offer to buy that home. In fact, with the current housing market we have here in Raleigh and the Triangle region, buyers' lives have become even more stressful and difficult. The best homes are selling in hours, not days, and it is becoming very common for a property to draw multiple offers and create a very competitive situation. That is why having the right partner on your side throughout the process is an absolute necessity.

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Working with a Real Estate Agent

If you've never worked with a real estate agent before, or if you haven't been fortunate enough to work with a truly great agent, you may not know all the benefits that come along with hiring a Realtor®. Here are just a few of the ways I am committed to providing value to my home buyer clients.

Trusted Advisor

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I focus on building relationships with my clients based on trust. I'm here to assist you and fight for your best interests from the first home we view together all the way through the closing process and beyond.

Pricing Specialist

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As you search for your dream home, I'll provide you in-depth market analysis and other information about the properties we find. This puts you in a position of power to make the best informed decisions possible. 

Expert Communicator

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Throughout the search process, I'll work closely with you to keep you informed about homes that you may be interested in. And when you're ready to buy, I'll walk you through every step of the process with as much education and communication as you need along the way. 


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As your agent, promoting your best interest is my top priority. That means that throughout the home buying process, I'll be there to help you successfully navigate obstacles like property disclosures, home inspection, repairs, and appraisal.


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Choosing a strategy, preparing an offer, and dealing with sellers isn't easy on your own. Especially in today's hyper-competitive housing market. As your agent, I'll be there to guide you smoothly through the negotiation process. 


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As a real estate industry professional, I have relationships with many service providers that can help you on your home ownership journey. I can provide you with recommended providers for your loan, inspections, insurance, home warranty and many other services. 

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